I love this time of year. It's the mark of new beginnings. Of new memories to be made. Of reflecting on the person I grew to be the past year and deciding what changes need to made to continue that growth. But new beginnings can be hard y'all. It means leaving behind your comfort zone.... Continue Reading →


Light in the Darkness

Last week was a bad week. Like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. And I did not handle it very well at first. But, I am thankful for friends like Rebecca (shout out!) who seem to know when I am drowning without me even telling them. She texted me Sunday night after I... Continue Reading →

Pass it On

Sometimes I half-jokingly say that I am going to ask God why He gave a highly sensitive introvert (me) a love for the fast-paced city life. I am never not tired and I always look forward to my "introverting" moments when I can be alone in the apartment to process everything. But I honestly cannot... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

I have decided to title this post after Lorelai Gilmore's famous line, "Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!" Because I find myself saying this a lot more lately. Moving, living in a city, taking Grad School classes, working in a new's exhausting y'all! I am so thankful that there is good coffee out there to give my brain... Continue Reading →

Mission: Ice Cream

Blogging is such an interesting concept. There are so many different types of blogs out in the interwebs - how-to blogs, lifestyle blogs, informational blogs, opinion blogs. You get the idea. They say it's best to have a focus when you're blogging. Something you're an expert on or passionate about. Honestly, I haven't quite figured... Continue Reading →

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I've felt a bit like an Israelite this week. That's definitely a weird statement to make but let me explain. First, I don't know if you have ever had the experience where a word, phrase or verse keeps popping up and it takes like the tenth time of seeing it before you really SEE it... Continue Reading →

Fight the Good Fight

I am in love with Lecrae's new single featuring Tori Kelly, any one else out there? If you haven't listened to it yet, here is the youtube link. The chorus goes like this: Just fight a little longer my friend It's all worth it in the end But when you got nobody to turn to... Continue Reading →

Grace Filled 

Day 3 in the beautiful city of Washington D.C. and honestly, it has not been easy. But what new transition ever is? Unless you're a transition wizard I guess. Change takes time and grace. The one thing I have to keep reminding myself of is that I am a beginner. I am not going to... Continue Reading →

Hope in the New Year

This is it...2015 is here! No other year like it in history. I find that a lot of people don't like New Years. It can seem like just another day of the year or an ending to a great era. It can be depressing if one hasn't accomplished anything that they had hoped to accomplish.... Continue Reading →

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