Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I've felt a bit like an Israelite this week. That's definitely a weird statement to make but let me explain. First, I don't know if you have ever had the experience where a word, phrase or verse keeps popping up and it takes like the tenth time of seeing it before you really SEE it... Continue Reading →


Fight the Good Fight

I am in love with Lecrae's new single featuring Tori Kelly, any one else out there? If you haven't listened to it yet, here is the youtube link. The chorus goes like this: Just fight a little longer my friend It's all worth it in the end But when you got nobody to turn to... Continue Reading →

Grace Filled 

Day 3 in the beautiful city of Washington D.C. and honestly, it has not been easy. But what new transition ever is? Unless you're a transition wizard I guess. Change takes time and grace. The one thing I have to keep reminding myself of is that I am a beginner. I am not going to... Continue Reading →

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